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Car rental companies, cybersecurity and access control software

June 5, 2023

In a world where remote work has become the norm, it makes sense to start talking about cybersecurity. This topic does not exclude car rental companies, who worry about cyberattacks or putting sensitive information at risk. For this reason, they are adding access control software that guarantees security in the operation of your business.

Car rental companies and remote work

Being the second half of 2022, we can already say that the world changed after Covid-19. The pandemic has changed long-term expectations about where and how people work. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 54% of US employees would prefer to continue telecommuting after the pandemic is over.

However, not all industries have embraced remote work in the same way. According to an investigation carried out by Linkedin, job offers come from five sectors: technology (41.2%) education (29%) administrative and customer service work (27.4%) professional services (26.5% ) and financial services (20.2%).

Most of the car rental companies chose the working hybrid model. Positions such as customer service, sales executive and team leadership positions have shifts that combine days at home and face-to-face days at the offices. This brings advantages, such as a better balance between family life and professional life. However it also has consequences and dangers for companies.

Cybersecurity and access control software

Cybersecurity is a new concern for companies. According to Cisco's Global Survey of Organizations, 85% of respondent say cybersecurity is more important now than it was before the pandemic.

All the advantages of remote work can be compromised if companies do not take measures to prevent cyberattacks. In this sense, companies must pay special attention to cybercriminals not putting sensitive business information at risk.

While there are multiple forms of cyberattacks, there are two main ways cyberattacks harm a business: cybercriminals could access the organization's network to obtain sensitive information, or employees could use unauthorized tools that put the business at risk.

The only way to protect companies is to adopt good practices and take into account the recommendations made by security experts on a daily. To do this, adding access control software is an excellent start.

Cybersecurity in car rental companies

Now, how does this problem affect car rental companies? Using apps that can be installed on any device (car rental software) can make it difficult to know if it is a safe device. On the other hand since part-time employees are remote, security is often tied to the trust of employees.

However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. There are apps like Rently that incorporate cybersecurity modules. In this way, it provides users with  control over access to the system. For example, Rently allows you to configure where your users can connect from and manage permissions by IP or by device.

This difference in access is vital for car rental companies. Hybrid work has become every day and that is why they need their software to adapt to the different situations of  employees. For example, configuring access by IP allows them to only connect from the rental company's office. On the other hand, configuring the devices that can connect to the platform allows employees to work remotely safely. In this way, the confidential information of the car rental companies is not compromised.

On the other hand, this type of car rental software like Rently allows you to avoid internal fraud. The system discourages password sharing or competition from seeing what that user is doing by restricting access. Therefore, this type of software provides well practices within work teams and provides a competitive advantage to companies.

Agility and cybersecurity

When we hear about cybersecurity, we often think that it will require dozens of emails with authorizations, slow connections or system failures. However, that idea is related to some bad experiences that were lived more than 10 years ago.

Currently, the software is developed for the current context. For this reason, speed and simplicity are considered essential values when it comes to providing security to processes. For example, Rently allows you to manage access in just 3 clicks

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