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Why should my car rental company sign up for an affiliate program?

July 21, 2023

An affiliate program is a unique opportunity for those car rental companies looking to grow exponentially. These kinds of programs give car leasing companies more visibility and reach, and result in increased sales without having to invest. For this reason, in this blog entry, we will go over information about what affiliate programs are, what conditions and requirements are needed to be part of them, and more.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a quick and simple way to reach more potential customers. It is an alliance that allows car fleets to be available for rent in the best Brokers (OTAs) in the world.

'Being part of the affiliate program guarantees more visibility, improves the management of the company and its competitiveness, which increases rentals', said Catriel Aubone of Street Rent a Car. He added: 'This is a shared experience around the world. We have an affiliate program in South America, Central America, North America, and Europe. We offer customer support in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Our strategy is to deliver overall results.'

Why do vehicle rental companies need to be integrated with brokers?

Brokers play a vital role in the business development of car rental companies since they have direct contact with customers and, they manage thousands of clients each day. Therefore, they have great potential to help businesses increase the number of clients. Also, because brokers are known companies, customers trust these intermediaries more, and hence the sales process is easier.

An affiliate program like the one we offer at Street Rent a Car makes it easy and effective to connect with brokers. In addition, they can incorporate car fleets at any time and in multiple locations.

For their part, brokers can create accounts in the car rental software to help feed data on upcoming bookings. While car rental companies can control multiple OTAs from a single platform.  

How much money does it cost to join an affiliate program?

Being part of an affiliate program is free as it is paid by commission. Rental companies only pay a percentage each time they make a sale: the client clicks on the link, reserves a car, and completes a payment.  

How can I join the affiliate program?

To enter an affiliate program, you only need to have a website for your car rental company. The process is simple, you leave your contact information and one of the commercial advisers will get in touch to discuss the specific needs of your rental company and how the program can help you make the most out of the market conditions.

Street Rent a Car affiliate program

At Street Rent a Car we have an affiliate program that allows your fleet of cars to be available at the best Brokers and OTAs in the world. Our company emerged from the tech world, which comes as a competitive advantage to our clients. At Street Rent a Car, we specialize in process automation and in improving customer service. This is why we make sure the quality of the services we offer is the best. For this and many other reasons, companies like Hertz use our technology worldwide.  

In addition, we connect the fleets within the most important brokers (OTAs) worldwide, including Economy Car Rentals, CarJet & DoyouSpain, Booking Group, Discover Cars, and more. We also provide all communication channels to contact customer support in many different languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.  


If you want to take your rental company to the next level in your region contact us, and we can help you. We offer the best affiliate program for rental companies. You will get the opportunity to join a reliable and continuously growing global network, gain more visibility and increase your sales. If you are interested, complete the following form, and one of our experts will contact you shortly.